Anna and her mom

Anna Coleman is the main protagonist, played by Lindsay Lohan.

Description Edit

Anna is a fifteen year-old girl who lives arguing with her mother, likes sleeping in late, always being woken up, and has an annoying little brother that invades her bedroom at everytime. She also has a punk rock band called Pink Slip, which they play just for fun at her garage, until Maddie tells them all that the band will be in an audition on the next night.Edit

Unfortunately, this next night is the same one of her mother's wedding rehearsal dinner, which she can't miss, bringing more troubles and more discussions to her life.Edit

On her mother's body, Anna figures out that Tess' life isn't "perfect", having problems especially when treating her patients at the psychology room, but at the same time, she finds that Ryan isn't a bad person at all, understanding all her mother's arguments and turning the Fortune Cookie effect back to normal.Edit

Quotes Edit

  • =="You're ruining my life!"==
  • =="Get out of my room!"==
  • =="I'm just gonna get a little stud right here, okay?"==
  • =="You give me that door or... I will kill myself!"==
  • =="I beg your pardon!" (as Tess)==
  • =="You pierced your navel?" (as Tess)==
  • =="When did you do this?" (as Tess)==
  • =="You couldn't last one day in my high school!"==

Gallery Edit

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