working writer and psychologist, author of Through the Looking Glass: Senescence in Retrograde, a book about psychology helps. She has a common single mother life, taking care of her children, Anna and Harry with no problems, but always involved with discussions, especially with Anna.

The top of the discussion came in the chinese restaurant, House of Chang, when Anna told Tess that she would have an audition of her band at the same time of Tess' wedding rehearsal dinner, leaving her mother even angrier about it.

On her daughter's body, Tess realizes that Anna's enemy, Stacey Hinkhouse is in fact an enemy, so she erased all of Stacey's test answers, and her music with Pink Slip isn't all that "noise". Tess owns a 2001 Volvo S60, which is also driven by Anna, when body-switched.

Quotes Edit

  • "Make good choices!"
  • "Could you like chill for a sec?" (as Anna)
  • "Oh, I'm like the cryptkeeper!" (as Anna)
  • "Get away you clone freak!" (as Anna)
  • "I can't marry Ryan, ew!" (as Anna)
  • "No, it has to be halibut!"

Gallery Edit

003FRF Jamie Lee Curtis 034

The scene where Anna (in Tess' body), talks to Harry.

003FRF Jamie Lee Curtis 027

The new style that Anna made with Tess' body.

003FRF Jamie Lee Curtis 004

Make good choices!

003FRF Lindsay Lohan 068

Anna (in Tess' body) eating french fries.


Anna in Tess' body, wearing a punk dress and playing the guitar.

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